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Plus Instant Access to
FREE Bonuses ($997 Value)


Navigate the Corporate Jungle and Get Rewarded Without Working Long Hours

Learn how to prioritize what truly matters

without sacrificing your personal lives or values.


With the constant pressure to work harder and longer hours, many professionals find themselves struggling to maintain a healthy work life balance while still achieving their career goals.

This is where “Hurry Up Slowly” offers practical strategies and insights to help individuals navigate the corporate jungle while staying true to themselves.

Through chapters on task and time management, self-awareness, communication, and work life balance, readers will discover proven techniques for success that are backed up with real-world examples and evidence. They’ll learn how to prioritize and focus on what truly matters without sacrificing their personal lives or values.

Whether you are a seasoned executive or a new graduate just starting out or anyone in between, “Hurry Up Slowly” has something to offer.

By embracing these strategies and lessons readers can unlock their full potential while staying true to who they are - a crucial balance for success in today's world.

Suraj Ethirajan

Tech Career Coach


Suraj Ethirajan is a career coach and founder of Grounow, helping tech professionals enhance their skills, become more employable, and achieve the rewards they deserve.

He coaches both corporates and individuals, customizing the coaching they need and providing role-playing exercises to prepare them for the real world.

Suraj develops and offers easy to use tools to support professionals. He helps secure significant compensation increases for his clients and assists them in overcoming their self-doubts, cognitive biases, and toxic work challenges.

Being a refugee during the Kuwait invasion in 1990 shaped his life perspective.

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"I wrote this book to help professionals succeed based on their values & build new skills

to release the greatness from within. I'm excited to see readers succeed

professionally and help others along the way." -- Suraj

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